Under the Big Dipper

spread it carefully over the rock and invited his companion to sit down. “You must let me see how a white maiden would appear upon the throne of her ancient copper-colored sister.”

Helène smilingly obeyed, and the young man stepped back in mock criticism, nodding approval.

“Miss Barton, tradition tells that this Indian maiden outrivalled in beauty all the other girls of her age and place. But I think—there never sat upon this rock a more beautiful girl than she who is sitting there now.”

Helène rose. The very thing she had dreaded was going to happen. She had been very foolish to come to this place.

“Miss Barton, please sit down.”

Hardly knowing what she was doing, Helène resumed her seat, helplessly.

Van Dusen came close up to her, the smile gone from his face, and in its place an expression of grim

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