Under the Big Dipper

Avenue. The World of Fashion was returning to its urban fields of activity; the shops once more became busy hives of jostling women. The evenings scintillated and sparkled with brilliant lights and more brilliant costumes. The glamor of the city drew people from the country, and once again the busy stir of business and pleasure filled the blue-covered cañons of New York.

As for Margaret and Helène, work kept them from ennui. It was a lesson to Helène, and she entered on the work of the season with all her heart.

The letter, the task of writing the important letter, had occupied her thoughts for many months, sometimes as ominous, often as a ray of hope, occasionally as a burden, but always as a sacred duty—a pilgrimage to a shrine. She had begun its composition and had destroyed what she had written time and again. And every time she had put off its completion, waiting for a happier mood. When did autumn begin? Mrs.

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