Under the Big Dipper

Kane’s almanac said the twenty-second of September. And that was but a few days off. Well, she would obey the promptings of her heart and do it now. It was an evening when Margaret had decided to take an inventory of their belongings to see what they required in the way of dresses for the coming season, and she had retired early, leaving Helène to herself. She sat down determined to get it done with once for all. At the end of an hour the letter was finished, all but the date and signature. She read it over carefully, and although she was not satisfied she decided it would have to do.

Surely he would understand! She wondered what he was doing in Cleveland, and if he ever thought of his friend of the Carpathians. Perhaps he had found some rich and beautiful girl of his own country!

And his mother and sister? Was the Ruth he had spoken of like the girls who came to Madame Lucile’s—free and lively and gay and often slangy? Was his mother

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