Under the Big Dipper

John had met Miss Brown on many previous occasions, so that he looked at the girls’ effusive leave-taking without much emotion. Ruth’s great charm to him had always been her perfect naturalness of manner, but this did not prevent her behaving as other girls did when she was with them. Once alone in the carriage with him, however, she quickly resumed her vivacious self and was her brother’s comrade again.

The girl was excited, full of fun and bubbling over with laughter, much to her brother’s amusement. Something unusual must have happened.

“You know that piece of fine old timber on our grounds, John? I mean on the slope to the river.”

John nodded.

“Well, I’ve taken a fancy to it and want it all for myself. It’s been neglected, because it hasn’t got what people call ‘a wonderful view.’ It needs draining and some paths cutting through it. Won’t you spare an hour

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