Under the Big Dipper

give my eye-teeth to have one like it.”

“Say, Ruth, let up a little, won’t you?” chuckled John, “if you go on I’ll have to be carried out by the butler.”

“Let me tell you, you’ll have to be carried out when you see her; she’s a stunner.”

“Ruth, dear, don’t get so excited,” begged Mrs. Morton.

“I’m not excited, mother; but John doesn’t understand. He’s never heard her speak, or he wouldn’t make fun of what I’m saying. She talks the prettiest English in the loveliest voice you ever heard—and she’s so modest and refined. I tell you she’s one in a million. I bet she’s a lady—every inch of her—and I couldn’t help saying nice things to her. You ought to have seen her blush when I said I’d like to know her. If the girl ever does her blushing stunt when you’re around, John, you’ll just walk right up and propose to her on the spot.

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