Under the Big Dipper

house, and I’ve taken the even days for Box 17 at the Opera. Shall we have our coffee on the verandah, mother; it’s a lovely evening?”

Mrs. Morton smiled her assent; but said nothing further about his going away. Since her husband’s death she had clung to John with a double tenacity—a mother’s love for a son, and a woman’s reliance on the man. But she was too wise to permit her own feelings to come between them. When, later in the evening, the three were together in the spacious living-room, Ruth took her brother aside and finally got her way about the little wood.

The following morning Morton returned to the city. But this time he carried back with him his old dreams. Ruth’s story at the dinner-table had unlocked a door in his memory which he had kept closed; and now the gracious spirit wandered once more about the chambers of his mind giving him neither rest nor hope.

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