Under the Big Dipper

who had timed it well, touched the weight of the old clock in the corner and started so loud a whirr that Mike was disconcerted. The asthmatic gong gave a hoarse ding-dong—it was one o’clock!

Immediately Morton realized that he was to get the 2.30 train and that he had had no luncheon. He made for the exit hurriedly, giving at the same time brusque instructions to Michael to bring his purchases to the carriage.

Michael had wrapped everything very carefully, as was his custom, using the brown paper and string which the famous establishment always took care should be of the best, and hurried out in obedience to Morton’s instructions. Now what followed proves conclusively that there was a fairy or a leprechaun, as Michael would have called him, in New York that afternoon. For Michael had not taken two steps beyond his door, when the string broke and the contents of the

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