Under the Big Dipper

that a similar feeling existed in the girls. He made an effort to remove it. Turning to Margaret, he said: “I cannot tell you, Miss Fisher, how glad I am to have met Miss Barton. When we said good-bye to each other last it was thousands of miles from here, and I suppose we both find it difficult to realize that the world is a very small place after all. You will, therefore, pardon me, I hope, for seeming unattentive. But I promise to behave better.”

Margery at once saw the situation now. She guessed they would have many things to say to each other which her presence prevented them discussing. “Two is company and three is a crowd,” she said to herself.

Smiling amiably in response to Morton’s explanation, she turned to Helène and said:

“Helen, dear, I’m sure you and Mr. Morton have much to say to each other. Now, please, don’t mind me. I am going to devote myself to the good things I see

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