Under the Big Dipper

before me, and then I can enjoy looking at the styles of the women passing by the window. This is a rare treat for me.”

Helène said nothing, but a tell-tale blush spoke volumes. Morton laughed and said that Miss Fisher was right; he’d take full advantage of her forbearance.

Suiting his action to the word he drew his chair more closely to Helène, and before many minutes had passed the two had quite forgotten Margaret’s presence.

“I have kept my promise, Mr. Morton. I sent the letter this morning and it would have reached you on Monday—the first day of autumn. You will believe that I have never forgotten your kindness to me, Mr. Morton. It was, indeed, not ingratitude that kept me silent.”

“I am too happy to think of finding fault. Now that we have met again, I shall say not a word of censure. You are looking very well. Ah, Miss Barton, I give you

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