Under the Big Dipper

The luncheon over Morton remembered that he ought to have been on his way to Tarrytown.

“Will you excuse me for a moment, ladies? My mother expects me home, and I ought to send word to her that I will be delayed. Have you any engagement for this evening, Miss Barton?”

“No, Mr. Morton,” Helène replied, “but I must not keep you from your family and friends.”

“Miss Barton, I have been in great good luck to-day, and I should like to take every advantage of it. Shall we say dinner at seven and the theatre after? Help me, Miss Fisher, won’t you?”

Morton was longing to be alone with Helène, and as he did not quite understand the relationship which existed between the two girls, he put the question hoping that she would take the initiative. He was determined not to part from Helène until he had had an opportunity to hear her whole story from her own

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