Under the Big Dipper

Helène’s hand lingered an instant in Morton’s at parting, and as he saw her happy face he knew that he was welcome.

Morton drove to his rooms. Events had been crowding on him and he wanted to be alone. On his way he stopped at a florist’s and ordered flowers to be sent to the house in Gramercy Park.

Once in his room he drew a deep chair to the window and after lighting a cigar sat down to his thoughts.

How beautiful she was! More beautiful than even he had pictured her in his dreams. This evening she would tell him everything and explain why she had kept herself away from him. And how pleased she had been to see him! One look at her face had assured him that no other man had come between them. She must have carried out her intention and come to New York to work for her living. That explained Miss Fisher. By George, that

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