Under the Big Dipper

woman was a splendid protectress! He had no fault to find with her—not in the slightest. Yes—he must put off his Western journey, now.

John rose and began walking the room, whistling and smoking by turns, smiling happily. His valet in the next room could hardly believe his ears. He came obedient to a summons and was ordered to lay out evening clothes. Mr. Morton would stay in town over Saturday night. What had come over his master?

John had told his mother that he would be detained in town that night and promised to be with her for luncheon the next day. He had laughed to himself as he thought of the guessing match that would follow, between mother and daughter. Ah, if they only knew!

He dressed with great care and took a hansom, thinking it would be more fitting than his own more pretentious carriage, and as he drove down the avenue he could not forbear smiling at his thought—he was

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