Under the Big Dipper

just like any ordinary young “chap” calling on his “best girl.”

Margaret and Helène, after leaving Morton and finishing their shopping, arrived home, their arms filled with packages, most happily expectant. An evening such as this promised to be to each of them was a rare occasion. Helène had been afraid that Margaret would question her further, but to her surprise and relief, she made no reference to Mr. Morton.

“I think, Helen, dear, you must let me help to dress your hair,” she said quietly, “your hat will sit better.”

Helène sensed a slight coldness in her friend; she came over to Margaret and seating herself on the arm of her chair, cuddled up to her.

“Margy, dear, you are not disapproving, are you? Do you think I ought not to dine with Mr. Morton this evening?”

Margaret held her tight and patted her shoulder

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