Under the Big Dipper

of Helène from all sides to make certain that she had received the finishing touches that would heighten her darling’s charms. Then she had to leave, because Mr. Van Dusen had arrived and was waiting for her in the parlor.

The Mr. Van Dusen who had now become a regular frequenter at the Kane boarding-house was a different gentleman from the dapper young man of the summer. His visits to Margaret had become the talk of the table. Helène, however, was the only one who seemed to see nothing of a special purpose in his calls. She always took him as a matter of course. Under Margaret’s influence, no doubt, Van Dusen’s manner had lost its flippancy and air of condescension. He had gained both in reserve and tact, so much so, indeed, that in his intercourse with Margaret, it was he who played the part of the serious friend and she that of the light-hearted tease. To see them as they sat in the parlor one would have said

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