Under the Big Dipper

leaned back in his flattened steamer chair and remarked: “What a relief to be so far north and at last on the eve of leaving this insufferable quarter of the world! I am glad to see a town once more, glad to see lights and real streets and hear real human noises even if they are as hideous as these are. It is good to look up to the heavens of our own familiar constellations and find our polar star promising the arrival home. See, Count, there, for the first time, can be distinguished all the stars of the Big Dipper! The Southern Cross is glorious, and I have admired it during many soundless nights in the desert; but give me our own starry sky, our own air, my own people!”

Count Rondell looked up with a smile. “To tell you the truth, my dear sir, I have traveled along latitudes I never expected to see and I barely noticed the Southern Cross. I certainly must be getting old and unobservant. But I can appreciate how you feel when you think of

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