Under the Big Dipper

Comtesse Rondell must be tired. She has agreed to stay for luncheon; I trust you will persuade her to remain until after dinner.”

“Permit me to ring for the maid, Comtesse. You will require a rest after your journey and the warm walk,” suggested the hostess.

“Hello, Ruth!” His sister had entered from an inner door. “Ruth, I want you to meet Comtesse Rondell, a dear friend of mine—my sister Ruth, Comtesse. I have often spoken of you, Ruth, to the Comtesse. I hope you will be friends.”

Full of animation, Ruth came forward. A glance at Helène’s face caused her to halt momentarily and to send an indignant look at her brother, both of which actions escaped all but Helène. Then her willing hand grasped Helène’s shy offering in a hearty clasp: “If the Comtesse is minded like I am, it won’t take us long to be the best of friends.”

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