Under the Big Dipper

appearance in some detail.

Two swinging bracket lamps lit up the wall to his right, leaving the lower part of the room in deep shadow. The stateroom itself, somewhat roomier than the customary steamer cabin, had been transformed into a rather pleasing den. Along the lighted walls a low couch in some dark plush was enlivened by the brilliant coloring of a leopard skin thrown carelessly over the back and by a saddle-bag in bright crimson and gold. Above it were fastened a garniture of Persian helmet, shield and battle-axe, the gold inlay upon the damascene scintillating in the slightly moving light which fell upon it.

The floor, covered with a soft rug in deep maroon and with tan arabesques in design, contrasted oddly with the green baize of the traveling desk piled with books and portefeuilles. A curiously wrought bronze lamp shed a bright circle of light over it; an unusual

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