Women in Love

Instantly a silence fell, a slight embarrassment came over the company. The newcomers had a sense of many blond faces looking their way. Then, the host was bowing to a short, energetic-looking man with large moustaches, and saying in a low voice:

“_Herr Professor, darf ich vorstellen_—”

The Herr Professor was prompt and energetic. He bowed low to the English people, smiling, and began to be a comrade at once.

“_Nehmen die Herrschaften teil an unserer Unterhaltung?_” he said, with a vigorous suavity, his voice curling up in the question.

The four English people smiled, lounging with an attentive uneasiness in the middle of the room. Gerald, who was spokesman, said that they would willingly take part in the entertainment. Gudrun and Ursula, laughing, excited, felt the eyes of all the men upon them, and they lifted their heads and looked nowhere,

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