Women in Love

“Yes,” she said. “I have. And I do—I work now for my daily bread.”

He paused, looked at her steadily, then dropped the subject entirely. She seemed to him to be trifling.

“But have you ever worked as the world works?” Ursula asked him.

He looked at her untrustful.

“Yes,” he replied, with a surly bark. “I have known what it was to lie in bed for three days, because I had nothing to eat.”

Gudrun was looking at him with large, grave eyes, that seemed to draw the confession from him as the marrow from his bones. All his nature held him back from confessing. And yet her large, grave eyes upon him seemed to open some valve in his veins, and involuntarily he was telling.

“My father was a man who did not like work, and we had no mother. We lived in Austria, Polish Austria.

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