Women in Love

How did we live? Ha!—somehow! Mostly in a room with three other families—one set in each corner—and the W.C. in the middle of the room—a pan with a plank on it—ha! I had two brothers and a sister—and there might be a woman with my father. He was a free being, in his way—would fight with any man in the town—a garrison town—and was a little man too. But he wouldn’t work for anybody—set his heart against it, and wouldn’t.”

“And how did you live then?” asked Ursula.

He looked at her—then, suddenly, at Gudrun.

“Do you understand?” he asked.

“Enough,” she replied.

Their eyes met for a moment. Then he looked away. He would say no more.

“And how did you become a sculptor?” asked Ursula.

“How did I become a sculptor—” he paused.

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