Women in Love

“But,” he laughed, “where will you take a ticket to?”

“Oh heaven!” she cried. “One must take a ticket.”

Here was a blow. She saw herself at the wicket, at the railway station. Then a relieving thought came to her. She breathed freely.

“But one needn’t go,” she cried.

“Certainly not,” he said.

“I mean one needn’t go where one’s ticket says.”

That struck him. One might take a ticket, so as not to travel to the destination it indicated. One might break off, and avoid the destination. A point located. That was an idea!

“Then take a ticket to London,” he said. “One should never go there.”

“Right,” she answered.

He poured a little coffee into a tin can.

“You won’t tell me where you will go?” he asked.

“Really and truly,” she said, “I don’t know. It

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