Women in Love

of knowledge, and a certain impotence. She was limited by him.

“Why have you come back?” repeated Halliday, in the same high, hysterical voice. “I told you not to come back.”

The girl did not answer, only stared in the same viscous, heavy fashion, straight at him, as he stood recoiled, as if for safety, against the next table.

“You know you wanted her to come back—come and sit down,” said Birkin to him.

“No I didn’t want her to come back, and I told her not to come back. What have you come for, Pussum?”

“For nothing from you,” she said in a heavy voice of resentment.

“Then why have you come back at _all?_” cried Halliday, his voice rising to a kind of squeal.

“She comes as she likes,” said Birkin. “Are you going to sit down, or are you not?”

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