Women in Love

“Yes,” said Hermione, reassured like a child, “it should, shouldn’t it? And Rupert—” she lifted her face to the sky, in a muse—“he can only tear things to pieces. He really is like a boy who must pull everything to pieces to see how it is made. And I can’t think it is right—it does seem so irreverent, as you say.”

“Like tearing open a bud to see what the flower will be like,” said Ursula.

“Yes. And that kills everything, doesn’t it? It doesn’t allow any possibility of flowering.”

“Of course not,” said Ursula. “It is purely destructive.”

“It is, isn’t it!”

Hermione looked long and slow at Ursula, seeming to accept confirmation from her. Then the two women were silent. As soon as they were in accord, they began mutually to mistrust each other. In spite of herself, Ursula felt herself recoiling from Hermione. It was all

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