Women in Love

she could do to restrain her revulsion.

They returned to the men, like two conspirators who have withdrawn to come to an agreement. Birkin looked up at them. Ursula hated him for his cold watchfulness. But he said nothing.

“Shall we be going?” said Hermione. “Rupert, you are coming to Shortlands to dinner? Will you come at once, will you come now, with us?”

“I’m not dressed,” replied Birkin. “And you know Gerald stickles for convention.”

“I don’t stickle for it,” said Gerald. “But if you’d got as sick as I have of rowdy go-as-you-please in the house, you’d prefer it if people were peaceful and conventional, at least at meals.”

“All right,” said Birkin.

“But can’t we wait for you while you dress?” persisted Hermione.

“If you like.”

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