Women in Love

He rose to go indoors. Ursula said she would take her leave.

“Only,” she said, turning to Gerald, “I must say that, however man is lord of the beast and the fowl, I still don’t think he has any right to violate the feelings of the inferior creation. I still think it would have been much more sensible and nice of you if you’d trotted back up the road while the train went by, and been considerate.”

“I see,” said Gerald, smiling, but somewhat annoyed. “I must remember another time.”

“They all think I’m an interfering female,” thought Ursula to herself, as she went away. But she was in arms against them.

She ran home plunged in thought. She had been very much moved by Hermione, she had really come into contact with her, so that there was a sort of league between the two women. And yet she could not bear her. But she put the thought away. “She’s really good,”

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