Women in Love

“Eh, yes—since they lost Miss Diana. He’s gone off to a shadow. Poor man, he’s had a world of trouble.”

“Has he?” asked Gudrun, faintly ironic.

“He has, a world of trouble. And as nice and kind a gentleman as ever you could wish to meet. His children don’t take after him.”

“I suppose they take after their mother?” said Ursula.

“In many ways.” Mrs Krik lowered her voice a little. “She was a proud haughty lady when she came into these parts—my word, she was that! She mustn’t be looked at, and it was worth your life to speak to her.” The woman made a dry, sly face.

“Did you know her when she was first married?”

“Yes, I knew her. I nursed three of her children. And proper little terrors they were, little fiends—that Gerald was a demon if ever there was one, a proper demon, ay, at six months old.” A curious malicious, sly tone came

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