Women in Love

Her eyes flashed with a powerful light.

“Why should I say anything?” she cried. “You do this off your own bat, it has nothing to do with me. Why do you both want to bully me?”

“Bully you! Bully you!” cried her father, in bitter, rancorous anger. “Bully you! Why, it’s a pity you can’t be bullied into some sense and decency. Bully you! You’ll see to that, you self-willed creature.”

She stood suspended in the middle of the room, her face glimmering and dangerous. She was set in satisfied defiance. Birkin looked up at her. He too was angry.

“But none is bullying you,” he said, in a very soft dangerous voice also.

“Oh yes,” she cried. “You both want to force me into something.”

“That is an illusion of yours,” he said ironically.

“Illusion!” cried her father. “A self-opinionated fool, that’s what she is.”

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