Women in Love

“Quite!” said Birkin, bitingly.

Gerald stood leaning back against the mantel-piece. He looked down at Birkin, and his eyes flashed with a sort of terror like the eyes of a stallion, that are bloodshot and overwrought, turned glancing backwards in a stiff terror.

“I fell that if I don’t watch myself, I shall find myself doing something silly,” he said.

“Why not do it?” said Birkin coldly.

Gerald listened with quick impatience. He kept glancing down at Birkin, as if looking for something from the other man.

“I used to do some Japanese wrestling,” said Birkin. “A Jap lived in the same house with me in Heidelberg, and he taught me a little. But I was never much good at it.”

“You did!” exclaimed Gerald. “That’s one of the things I’ve never ever seen done. You mean jiu-jitsu, I

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