Women in Love


“Yes. But I am no good at those things—they don’t interest me.”

“They don’t? They do me. What’s the start?”

“I’ll show you what I can, if you like,” said Birkin.

“You will?” A queer, smiling look tightened Gerald’s face for a moment, as he said, “Well, I’d like it very much.”

“Then we’ll try jiu-jitsu. Only you can’t do much in a starched shirt.”

“Then let us strip, and do it properly. Hold a minute—” He rang the bell, and waited for the butler.

“Bring a couple of sandwiches and a syphon,” he said to the man, “and then don’t trouble me any more tonight—or let anybody else.”

The man went. Gerald turned to Birkin with his eyes lighted.

“And you used to wrestle with a Jap?” he said. “Did

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