Women in Love

refracted from snow—and a beautiful, plastic form. Yes, that is there to enjoy as well. We should enjoy everything.”

Gerald laughed in his throat, and said:

“That’s certainly one way of looking at it. I can say this much, I feel better. It has certainly helped me. Is this the Bruderschaft you wanted?”

“Perhaps. Do you think this pledges anything?”

“I don’t know,” laughed Gerald.

“At any rate, one feels freer and more open now—and that is what we want.”

“Certainly,” said Gerald.

They drew to the fire, with the decanters and the glasses and the food.

“I always eat a little before I go to bed,” said Gerald. “I sleep better.”

“I should not sleep so well,” said Birkin.

“No? There you are, we are not alike. I’ll put a

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