Women in Love

stalking-horse. The father thought only of his child, he saw a rock of salvation in Gudrun. And Gudrun admired him for his perspicacity. The child, moreover, was really exceptional. Gudrun was quite content. She was quite willing, given a studio, to spend her days at Shortlands. She disliked the Grammar School already thoroughly, she wanted to be free. If a studio were provided, she would be free to go on with her work, she would await the turn of events with complete serenity. And she was really interested in Winifred, she would be quite glad to understand the girl.

So there was quite a little festivity on Winifred’s account, the day Gudrun returned to Shortlands.

“You should make a bunch of flowers to give to Miss Brangwen when she arrives,” Gerald said smiling to his sister.

“Oh no,” cried Winifred, “it’s silly.”

“Not at all. It is a very charming and ordinary

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