Women in Love

as much or as little as you liked—”

He looked at Gudrun with dark, vacant eyes. She looked back at him as if full of gratitude. These phrases of a dying man were so complete and natural, coming like echoes through his dead mouth.

“And as to your earnings—you don’t mind taking from me what you have taken from the Education Committee, do you? I don’t want you to be a loser.”

“Oh,” said Gudrun, “if I can have the studio and work there, I can earn money enough, really I can.”

“Well,” he said, pleased to be the benefactor, “we can see about all that. You wouldn’t mind spending your days here?”

“If there were a studio to work in,” said Gudrun, “I could ask for nothing better.”

“Is that so?”

He was really very pleased. But already he was getting tired. She could see the grey, awful

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