Women in Love

would he use her just as his instrument, use her for his own private satisfaction, not admitting her? That was what the other men had done. They had wanted their own show, and they would not admit her, they turned all she was into nothingness. Just as Hermione now betrayed herself as a woman. Hermione was like a man, she believed only in men’s things. She betrayed the woman in herself. And Birkin, would he acknowledge, or would he deny her?

“Yes,” said Hermione, as each woman came out of her own separate reverie. “It would be a mistake—I think it would be a mistake—”

“To marry him?” asked Ursula.

“Yes,” said Hermione slowly—“I think you need a man—soldierly, strong-willed—” Hermione held out her hand and clenched it with rhapsodic intensity. “You should have a man like the old heroes—you need to stand behind him as he goes into battle, you need to see

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