Women in Love

“Tell him I’m coming.”

He drank up his coffee, and followed the nurse, who had dissolved like a shadow.

“Which nurse was that?” asked Gudrun.

“Miss Inglis—I like her best,” replied Winifred.

After a while Gerald came back, looking absorbed by his own thoughts, and having some of that tension and abstraction which is seen in a slightly drunken man. He did not say what the doctor had wanted him for, but stood before the fire, with his hands behind his back, and his face open and as if rapt. Not that he was really thinking—he was only arrested in pure suspense inside himself, and thoughts wafted through his mind without order.

“I must go now and see Mama,” said Winifred, “and see Dadda before he goes to sleep.”

She bade them both good-night.

Gudrun also rose to take her leave.

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