Women in Love

Gudrun, she bade her “Good-night.” Then she went slowly to the door, as if she were unaccustomed to walking. At the door she lifted her face to him, implicitly. He kissed her.

“Don’t come any further with me,” she said, in her barely audible voice. “I don’t want you any further.”

He bade her good-night, watched her across to the stairs and mount slowly. Then he closed the door and came back to Gudrun. Gudrun rose also, to go.

“A queer being, my mother,” he said.

“Yes,” replied Gudrun.

“She has her own thoughts.”

“Yes,” said Gudrun.

Then they were silent.

“You want to go?” he asked. “Half a minute, I’ll just have a horse put in—”

“No,” said Gudrun. “I want to walk.”

He had promised to walk with her down the long,

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