Women in Love

“Who teaches at the Grammar School, at Willey Green—his daughter teaches there too.”

“O-o-o-oh, Brangwen! Now I’ve got you. Of course, William Brangwen! Yes, yes, he’s got two lasses as teachers, aside hisself. Ay, that’s him—that’s him! Why certainly I know where he lives, back your life I do! Yi—what place do they ca’ it?”

“Somerset Drive,” repeated Gerald patiently. He knew his own colliers fairly well.

“Somerset Drive, for certain!” said the collier, swinging his arm as if catching something up. “Somerset Drive—yi! I couldn’t for my life lay hold o’ the lercality o’ the place. Yis, I know the place, to be sure I do—”

He turned unsteadily on his feet, and pointed up the dark, nigh-deserted road.

“You go up theer—an’ you ta’e th’ first—yi, th’ first turnin’ on your left—o’ that side—past Withamses

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