Women in Love

would scream.

“No, it’s me,” he said, feeling his way towards her. “It is I, Gerald.”

She sat motionless in her bed in sheer astonishment. She was too astonished, too much taken by surprise, even to be afraid.

“Gerald!” she echoed, in blank amazement. He had found his way to the bed, and his outstretched hand touched her warm breast blindly. She shrank away.

“Let me make a light,” she said, springing out.

He stood perfectly motionless. He heard her touch the match-box, he heard her fingers in their movement. Then he saw her in the light of a match, which she held to the candle. The light rose in the room, then sank to a small dimness, as the flame sank down on the candle, before it mounted again.

She looked at him, as he stood near the other side of the bed. His cap was pulled low over his brow, his black

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