Women in Love

something crucial to him.

“Shall we make it a double-barrelled affair?” he said to Birkin one day.

“Who for the second shot?” asked Birkin.

“Gudrun and me,” said Gerald, the venturesome twinkle in his eyes.

Birkin looked at him steadily, as if somewhat taken aback.

“Serious—or joking?” he asked.

“Oh, serious. Shall I? Shall Gudrun and I rush in along with you?”

“Do by all means,” said Birkin. “I didn’t know you’d got that length.”

“What length?” said Gerald, looking at the other man, and laughing.

“Oh yes, we’ve gone all the lengths.”

“There remains to put it on a broad social basis, and to achieve a high moral purpose,” said Birkin.

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