Women in Love

Her mother replied, not her father.

She did not go back to school. She stayed with Birkin in his rooms, or at the Mill, moving with him as he moved. But she did not see anybody, save Gudrun and Gerald. She was all strange and wondering as yet, but relieved as by dawn.

Gerald sat talking to her one afternoon in the warm study down at the Mill. Rupert had not yet come home.

“You are happy?” Gerald asked her, with a smile.

“Very happy!” she cried, shrinking a little in her brightness.

“Yes, one can see it.”

“Can one?” cried Ursula in surprise.

He looked up at her with a communicative smile.

“Oh yes, plainly.”

She was pleased. She meditated a moment.

“And can you see that Rupert is happy as well?”

He lowered his eyelids, and looked aside.

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