Women in Love

attracted her strongly.

“There’s a rather lovely simplicity about Gerald, I think,” said Ursula, “so defiant, somehow! Oh, I think he’s very lovable.”

Gudrun did not reply for some moments. She had still to get over the feeling of insult at the liberty taken with her freedom.

“What did Rupert say—do you know?” she asked.

“He said it would be most awfully jolly,” said Ursula.

Again Gudrun looked down, and was silent.

“Don’t you think it would?” said Ursula, tentatively. She was never quite sure how many defences Gudrun was having round herself.

Gudrun raised her face with difficulty and held it averted.

“I think it might be awfully jolly, as you say,” she replied. “But don’t you think it was an unpardonable liberty to take—to talk of such things to Rupert—who

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