Women in Love

just the same. Gerald watched her with the same steady twinkle in his eyes as she came across. She held out her thin brown hand to him.

“How are you?” she said.

He shook hands with her, but remained seated, and let her stand near him, against the table. She nodded blackly to Gudrun, whom she did not know to speak to, but well enough by sight and reputation.

“I am very well,” said Gerald. “And you?”

“Oh I’m all wight. What about Wupert?”

“Rupert? He’s very well, too.”

“Yes, I don’t mean that. What about him being married?”

“Oh—yes, he is married.”

The Pussum’s eyes had a hot flash.

“Oh, he’s weally bwought it off then, has he? When was he married?”

“A week or two ago.”

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