Women in Love

not having caught her misdeed. He heard the Pussum’s voice saying:

“Go and get it back from her. I never heard of such a thing! Go and get it back from her. Tell Gerald Crich—there he goes—go and make him give it up.”

Gudrun stood at the door of the taxi, which the man held open for her.

“To the hotel?” she asked, as Gerald came out, hurriedly.

“Where you like,” he answered.

“Right!” she said. Then to the driver, “Wagstaff’s—Barton Street.”

The driver bowed his head, and put down the flag.

Gudrun entered the taxi, with the deliberate cold movement of a woman who is well-dressed and contemptuous in her soul. Yet she was frozen with overwrought feelings. Gerald followed her.

“You’ve forgotten the man,” she said cooly, with a

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