Wrong Analogy

cloud bank. What a mirage that was!"

"Harvey," Ruth said softly, "do you really think that this"—her hand traced the horizon—"is a mirage?"

"I want to get a closer look, honey—I want to feel it and taste it before I believe it," he said. But when he glanced again at the landscape, his breath quickened and a tingle rode over his skin. "No, honey," he said quickly, "I don't think it's a mirage. I think it's what we've been dreaming about a long, long time."

Ruth gave a relieved cry and flung her arms around him. He held her, patting her gently. "Now take it easy," he said.

She looked up abruptly, her eyes wet. "The first thing, you've got to get some color back," she said fiercely. "You've gotten so awfully pale!"

"And you're lovelier than ever," he said, running a hand along her cheek. "Now let's get moving before they put us back on the ship and send us home for

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