Wrong Analogy

"Real pioneer stock, this Red Brace," Harvey said. "Shame there are no Indians around—he'd have been a good man to have around in a scrap."

Ruth's eyes crinkled in puzzled thought. "Harvey, weren't there any people here at all?"

"Nope. Not a soul. Not till the good gray colonel stepped out of his ship onto one of these golden hills, about fifteen years ago."

"It seems incredible," Ruth whispered.

"Hey, fellows," came the booming voice of big Red Brace, but it was promptly lost in the roar of a loudspeaker:

"Attention! Everyone will please assemble in the main reception room. Follow the red arrows down the ramp to the green doors. Please fill up all the front seats. Colonel Baker will address you. Leave your baggage where it is. Everybody now—follow the red arrows."

Excited, high-hearted talk frothed up from the

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