Wrong Analogy

is this building. We have oxygen pumped into it."

"What's this all about?" shouted Red Brace. "Are you kidding us or something?"

Carsing's mouth formed a crumpled smile. "If you think I'm joking you can take a walk outside and see." He turned his eyes away from Brace. "The packs are small and light. The outlet cup covers only the nose. There is no interference with speech. You can thank Colonel Baker for sponsoring the research that produced these lightweight packs."

"Thank him for what?" said Harvey hoarsely. "Why didn't he tell us before he signed us up?"

A clamor of supporting voices rose around him. Other immigrants leaped to their feet, trying to make themselves heard. Red Brace was bellowing something unintelligible. His wife added her indignant contralto. Carsing shouted, "Quiet!" and then gave up and stood there, scowling.

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