Wrong Analogy

maintain a feeling of calm and good will. If he wanted to let himself go, it would be so easy to become a bitter, misanthropic old man. But there would be no sense in that. These people were young and thoughtless, the victims of their own impulsiveness, and what the situation called for was patience, understanding, and forgiveness.

Martin Baker let out a long sigh and heaved his round body out of his chair. He walked slowly toward the confused jumble of voices. He knew, even without distinguishing the sounds, that they were demanding that he appear. Baker ran a hand over his clothes to make sure they were in order, put on a broad and gentle smile, and stepped out on the stage.

He waited until the clamor quieted, and then he said, "I'm here to answer any questions."

Half a dozen of the homesteaders tried to talk at once. Baker smiled understandingly and held up his

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