Wrong Analogy

"And who lives up there, I wonder," said Red Brace.

"I could make a guess," Harvey said.

"Mr. Big. A nice, cozy spot where he can sit all day and spit down everybody else's throat."

"I'm sure," Harvey said, "the gentleman never does anything as inelegant as that."

The clusters of buildings had looked close. It took fully an hour before the settlers reached them. By that time, they were hot and thirsty and dispirited. As they went up the village street, the guides pointed out the numbered houses, and the settlers assigned to them left the column and carried their luggage inside. Most of them were inside only a few minutes before they came to the doorways to stare unhappily at each other. They had found that the houses, made of wood and plaster, each consisted of three boxy rooms containing a few sticks of crudely made furniture. Nothing was painted. There was no glass in the windows. The beds consisted

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