Wrong Analogy


"All right," Red Brace growled abruptly, "I'm sorry. But you didn't have any call to take a poke at me."

"You were about to kill the guy," Harvey snapped.

"All right, all right, I said I'm sorry. It was the wrong guy. Now let's go after the right one."

In the center of the settlement, at the side of the road, was a yellow wooden booth, marked COM, for communications. A loudspeaker on the roof brought messages from the central office. Inside the booth was a microphone and other electronic apparatus. Dr. Lurie sat down before the microphone and pressed the Call button. He cleared his throat. "I—we want to talk to Colonel Baker personally," he said.

In a large circular room, with a huge curving window overlooking the golden valley, sat Colonel Martin E. Baker, sipping a Scotch highball. It was a weak highball; Colonel Baker really didn't enjoy

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