Wrong Analogy

been—there is—a good deal of dissatisfaction in our group. This system of credits doesn't seem equitable. Some of us find it extremely difficult to amass a hundred credits a day, and yet that is the amount we are charged for our daily tube of oxygen. Now, sir, we believe it would be fair if you reduced the charge for the oxygen, to, shall we say, eighty credits?"

Baker took another sip of his highball. "Impossible," he said. "I'm sorry, but it's impossible."

He watched Dr. Lurie's face go through some nervous gyrations. "Why, sir?"

"The economy of this entire settlement was carefully worked out with the counsel of economists," Colonel Baker said. "You realize that we just can't step in and change one part without upsetting the entire pattern. We can't tinker—it's too hazardous."

"But, sir, we find that we're just working for our respiratory needs, so to speak. That, plus the little food

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