Wrong Analogy

we consume ourselves from what we harvest. Oxygen and food—isn't there any possibility of our earning anything more?"

"There have been settlers who have amassed enough credits to import some things from Earth. It's all a matter of the rate of work. Incidentally, I've noticed your production figures, Dr. Lurie. I wouldn't keep on this way, if I were you. Deficits pile up. The situation can become dangerous faster than you imagine."

Even over the televiewer, Baker could see Dr. Lurie's face pale. A hand suddenly appeared, pushing Dr. Lurie aside. The big face of the redhead, Brace, appeared on the screen.

"Listen, Baker," he roared, "if we don't get a better deal, we'll strike. You won't get a damn thing out of us. And what the hell're you going to do about that?"

Baker sipped his Scotch and smiled. "You're all free agents," he said gently. "Far be it for me to attempt to

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